Memphis Empty Bowls Project -

Thank you for helping Memphis Empty Bowls Project to raise over $75,000 since our inception to fight hunger in the Midsouth!

Wait, what exactly IS the Memphis Empty Bowls Project, you say? Well, it works like this: Artisans, educators and others around the Memphis area create handcrafted and hand painted bowls to raise funds to fight hunger. Guests are invited to a delicious, simple dinner of soup and bread donated by local restaurants where they may select one of the beautiful, handcrafted bowls to take home as a reminder of the bowls that go empty in the Memphis area, as well as the inspiring work being done in our community to fight hunger. 

This year's event, which includes a silent auction, art sale and live music, will be held on Sunday, November 13, 2016.

Proceeds from the event will benefit local food pantries and our new weekend feeding program at Perea Preschool, which has already provided more than 13,000 meals and over 4,000 healthy snacks to low-income families since it began in January of this year. 

For more information about who we are and why we do what we do, check out this recent national article about Memphis Empty Bowls Project: "The Art of Fighting Hunger in a Starving American City" - Mashable, May 2015